Watch these baboons ransack a home in South Africa (Video)

baboon in home photo
Screen capture YouTube

baboon in home photoYouTube/Screen capture

Some primates sure have a lot of nerve. They arrive to places unannounced, bring a bunch of their friends and start making a mess of things, almost as if they owned the place. But enough about us humans. As it turns out, baboons in South Africa have begun to return the gesture by invading houses uninvitedly built upon their native habitat.

In the video above, captured by Howard James Fyvie, baboons are seen ransacking his neighbor's unoccupied vacation home along Betty's Bay in South Africa's Western Cape. Evidently, even though the place was locked, the marauding group of baboons managed to gain entrance through a second-story window -- helping themselves to food, and leaving their mark in more ways than one.

Howard and his friends eventually decide to chase the animals away, culminating into a brief standoff between one of the larger baboons, half head of lettuce in tow, as he pokes around in an upstairs bathroom.

"He didn't want to listen to me," says Howard as he retreats. "That guy didn't want to listen."

While it would appear that the baboons were eventually driven away, it's impossible to say for how long. According to the BBC, such home-invasions have grown increasingly common in parts of South Africa where communities have sprouted up in baboons' native habitat.

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