Watch the Falcons Living in Sagrada Familia Cathedral via Web Cam

Falcons living in Sagrada Familia Cathedral on web cam PHOTO

One of the tours of architect Gaudi’s famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has now become the home of a family of falcons. Peregrine Falcons had disappeared from the city in the 70ies, but reappeared in 2005 by moving into the unfinished church, under construction since 1882. Since the (recorded) birth of four falcons last month, the citizens and tourists can observe the family with binoculars or via the web cam. Over the years, the relationship between this animal and the Barcelonians has changed quite a bit, from the birds being hunting prey to being a protected species. The city council created this Big Brother for Birds by installed the web cam for education purposes, counting some 15.000 daily online visits.

Biologist report that the falcons feel comfortable in the city now, because their hunting for food is easier due to less trees in the city compared to the previous century, so the prey can’t hide as easily. Moreover, their diet has a positive effect on the city, as they mainly eat pigeons (quite irritating in Barcelona) and parrots. More falcons are known to be living in this Spanish city at this moment, however, the family living in Sagrada Familia is the only one with celebrity status. You can check the web cam although nowadays they are mostly out, or watch this recorded video of mama falcon, and the little ones hatching. According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, since the falcons have returned to Barcelona 10 years ago, 43 births have been counted. Falcons have also been seen more and more in big cities like London or New York, where high buildings facilitate their flights. ::The Falcon in Barcelona

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