Watch the incredible birth of a supercell thunderstorm

supercell image
Video screen capture Mike Olbinski via Vimeo

This is beautiful, and terrifying, and amazing, and mesmerizing, and... just... wow.

A supercell near Booker, Texas from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

This is a timelapse video made by photographer Mike Olbinski, who waited and watched the skies for four years before getting this particularly incredible supercell on camera. Weather has always felt like a mystical and wonder-ful thing, even as we learn more through meteorology, and this video proves why. Olbinski writes:

It took four years but I finally got it.

A rotating supercell. And not just a rotating supercell, but one with insane structure and amazing movement.

I've been visiting the Central Plains since 2010. Usually it's just for a day, or three, or two...but it took until the fourth attempt to actually find what I'd been looking for. And boy did we find it.

No, there was no tornado. But that's not really what I was after. I'm from Arizona. We don't get structure like this. Clouds that rotate and look like alien spacecraft hanging over the Earth.

We chased this storm from the wrong side (north) and it took us going through hail and torrential rains to burst through on the south side. And when we did...this monster cloud was hanging over Texas and rotating like something out of Close Encounters.

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