Walden Recycled Kayaks


A barrel over Nigara? What about a shampoo bottle down some whitewater rapids? Walden Kayaks are made mostly from recycled HDPE plastics, such as also found in milk bottles. They figure that over the years they've diverted over 600 tons of the stuff from landfills. Specialising in... ...recreational, sporting and touring kayaks, the model shown here, the 'Experience' is for lakes, quiet waters and rivers, and protected ocean bays. So maybe avoid the Colorado for the moment. It weighs in at 17 kg (37 lbs) and can be ordered in up to 5 colours. The Walden range is nearly 20 models, including an ocean ready outrigger style. The High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic can be welded for repairs, is eminently recyclable once the boat reaches the end of useful life, and Walden offer a 2 year warranty. ::Walden [by WM]