Volcano Diver: This guy went down into an active volcano (video)

Volcano diver
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Few things are cooler than lava. When I was a kid, I had a visual encyclopedia, and few pages were more worn than those showing the different kinds of volcanoes and how they erupt (most dangerous are those where the whole top of the mountain blows up with little warning!). But I wouldn't rappel down into an active volcano for anything in the world, especially not in a big astronaut suit that must limit both dexterity and visibility. I'd be afraid of tripping on a banana peel (figuratively), or for the volcano to become more active than usual when I'm there. But that's why I'm not a dare-devil explorer like Sam Cossman.

Volcano diverVimeo/Screen capture

He did go down into an active video and filmed the whole thing, including using a drone. He went into the Marum crater, in an active volcano on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu, partly to get great shots for his films, but he also help create a 3D model of the crater using the drone, something that can help scientists better understand that volcano and how to predict volcanic activity in general.

Here's Sam explaining his expedition, as well as some footage from the volcano (this was shot last summer, in August 2014).

This longer video includes even more awesome footage from the inside of the crater. The amount of lava in motion at times is incredible, and the heat must have been quite something.

Via Sam Cossman

Volcano Diver: This guy went down into an active volcano (video)
Few things are cooler than lava.

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