Vietnam Zoo Owner Gets Jail Time For Selling Dead Tigers

tiger photo

Photo by mamapajama97 via Flickr Creative Commons

A zoo keeper in Vietnam was charged with the illegal selling of five endangered tiger carcasses and was sentenced to 3 years in jail. The owner had raised the tigers on his farm near Ho Chi Minh City, but after they died (reportedly from bird flu and choking on a bone), he attempted to sell the carcasses -- a product that can earn big money on the black market. This sort of trade is a large factor in why tigers are on the brink of extinction, and in an effort to stop illegal trading, the zoo keeper -- and 14 other defendants -- were sentenced with jail time.

VietNamNet reports that Huynh Van Hai, of Thanh Canh Tourism Park in Binh Duong province, near Ho Chi Minh City, along with the 14 others linked to his operation, all earned either jail time or probation -- even the owner's son.

tiger photo

Photo by Harlequeen via Flickr Creative Commons

Because some private wild animal farms are better equipped than state zoos, some have been allowed to raise endangered animals such as these tigers. However, it is clear corruption exists in some cases.

"We feel that Binh Duong authorities have taken a vital first step in ending illegal farming and trade of tigers in Vietnam," Education For Nature, Vietnam founder Vu Thi Quyen said in the statement.

The article states that tigers have essentially disappeared from the wild in Vietnam but 100 are known to be in captivity, mostly on eight private farms. However two other zoos are also linked with this one in the illegal operations.

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