Videos of Sea Shepherd Intentionally (?) Ramming Japanese Whaler

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Whales are mammals and, according to many scientists, they can probably feel pain and distress just like us. Their numbers in the world's oceans have been dramatically reduced by humans over the past centuries to only a small fraction of what it once was. Most countries have stopped hunting whales, but a few (like Japan) still do.

The question we'd like to ask is: to what lengths should people go to protect whales? Below are two videos of the same incident shot from two points of view. In it you can see the Sea Shepherd ramming a whaling ship, and it looks pretty intentional. Are such tactics counter-productive, causing a backlash against all (even moderate) environmentalism?

Video from the point of view of the Sea Shepherd

Video from the point of view of the Japanese Whaler

Update: Male Whales Prefer Ginormous Females.

Via GreenDaily

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