Vancouver-to-Vancouver: Zero-Emission Adventures


Tim Harvey hasn't been home in over two years, and hasn't burned any fossil fuels or caused any carbon emissions in that time, either. He's attempting to circle the globe using any means of travel that doesn't result in burning oil, gas, coal or other fossil fuels to raise awareness about global climate change and promote a greener future. We originally caught up with him over a year and a half ago, when his trip was an attempt to go from Vancouver, B.C. to Moscow on human power; the idea blossomed into his current trek, on which he has endured the threat of armed guerrillas in the Columbian jungle, frostbite on the Siberian tundra and rough seas on the Atlantic on his way around the globe. He's made it to the last leg of the tour, pedaling with his brother and another friend into Mexico on his way back to Vancouver, where he left in June 2004. He's been keeping track by blogging about his adventures, and has taken some breathtaking pictures. Good luck on finishing up, Tim! ::Vancouver to Vancouver via ::Hugg


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