Valley of the 100-Mile Diet Bike Tour

Fraser Valley farm photo

Fraser Valley farm in the heart of 100-Mile Diet country. Photo via Flickr by dje

Come to the Fraser Valley, home of the 100-Mile Diet, where locavores can feast on artisanal cheeses, organic produce and hand-crafted wines, and get an insider's peak into food production at local farms. A self-guided map shows the way through the Agassiz and Chilliwack Farm Cycle Tours with many stops open to the public only on these two days. The Slow Food Movement of Vancouver hosts this annual event, August 22 and 23, so book your train ride to British Columbia, Canada (Seattle just added another daily trip), rent a bike there or BYOB -- and eat well. Here's a taste of the delicious weekend:

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100-Mile co-author J.B. MacKinnon at U of BC Farm Trek Tour. Photo via Flickr by theeeeta
Day one: Agazzi tour
Start with breakfast at the Back Porch. Then bike at your pace along the route to visit Honeyview Farms, Shergill Cranberry Farm, and Poplar Grove Arbour. At Yangbing Pea Shoot Farm, farmer Wei Yang will speak of his niche market and mysterious yellow barns.

Lunch options include Limbert Mountain Farms' vegetarian pizza with (local, of course) Farm House Cheeses and a "rawsome" salad from the gardens. Or lunch at Canadian Hazelnut Farm for a hazelnut veggie burger (all organic lentils, millet, oats, spelt, hempseeds, etc.) and fruit smoothies with frozen hazelnut cubes. Register in advance for either choice.

Vegans can skip some stops

Stop at Cordine Dairy Farm where Cornelis Hertger shows off his state-of-the-art milking parlor and Holger Schwichtenberg's Dairy Farm who took it over from his immigrant dad to see the silage grasses and corn grown for the cows.

Free admission is available to cycle guests for the Kilby Historic Site's working farm and a chat with a friendly turkey, contented hogs, roaming Jersey cow, and various goats. There's a restaurant and 22-site campground here - all on Harrison Bay. Other accommodations include several B&B;, guest rooms at farms, as well as Harrison Hotsprings Resort.

The 25km cycle Slow Food Cycle Tour runs from 9am—4pm and is a fairly flat ride. For only $10 day ($15 for both days), you get the map, brochure and tastings, events, and tours of farms with farmers. Kids under-12 free. Net proceeds are donated to the Adopt-a-Farmer campaign. Taste plates are available to purchase, plus other local products. A shopping shuttle helps with take-home goodies — does it count if you live beyond the 100-miles?

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Photo by Wootang01 via Flickr

Day two: Chilliwack's Greendale area
Sunday's Cycle Tour presents a selection of other farms including an edible garden tour, a goat farm, a Black Angus farm with the guest chef from Evangeline's Restaurant serving $2 tapas. There's Anita's Organic Flour Mill, Pinot Noir Vineyard, The Preserved Seed, Rockweld's Chicken Farm, plus more. BBQ salmon lunch happens at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, a 325-acre (130-hectare) wetlands near the Vedder River with lots of trails and a Great Blue Heron rookery.

So, check out the Slow Food Movement's 100-Mile Diet, bike the scenic Fraser Valley, support farmers, eat well, and pick up tips to grow your own within 100-yards.

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Valley of the 100-Mile Diet Bike Tour
Come to the Fraser Valley, home of the 100-Mile Diet, where locavores can feast on artisanal cheeses, organic produce and hand-crafted wines, and get an insider's peak

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