Update: Your Lands, Your Wildlife, Your Story Winners

Ian Havlick Defenders of Wildlife Fishing Photo

Image via: Your Lands, Your Wildlife

A few good pick-me-up stories about the environment and all its majesty are now up for your enjoyment on the Defenders of Wildlife "Your Lands, Your Wildlife, Your Story" site. Last summer, the Defenders asked for submissions of what wildlife means to you. The winner, Ian Havelick, a 20 year-old sophomore from the University of Utah blew the judges away with his tale of bonding with family while in the wilds of Idaho.

More reminders on the wildlife and wildlands we love after the jump.Other winners include: Aaron Bialke of Virginia, MN; Brendan Cushen of Eugene, OR; Stephen Kolbe of Stow, OH; Jill Bartelt of Kewanee, IL; and Josh Ewing of Salt Lake City, UT. Their tales include leading rocking climbing adventures; run-ins with rare wildlife; the circle of life; hard work and determination; and how the rural world changed one teacher-photographer's life.

Defenders of Wildlife hosted the contest as a way to garner and display public support for the protection of wild lands, particularly those owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). In total, the BLM is responsible for over 449 million acres, over 1/4 of the land in the US. These lands provide protection and animal corridors for wildlife, as well as recreation and escape for humans. These essays are just a few reminders of why these lands are important and have value for all of us.

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