Unusual Birds From Caribbean and Arctic Seen in Northeast After Hurricane Sandy

When I wrote that Superstorm Sandy brought the world to New York City, I didn't know how literal I could've been until now. Reuters reports that the storm brought in birds from as far away as the Arctic and the Caribbean.

In upstate New York, a couple hours from where the brunt of Sandy's wrath was felt, a Ross's Gull was sighted. The small gull breeds in the northernmost parts of the Arctic in North America and Russia, normally only migrating slightly south during the winters to the edge of the pack ice. Though Ross's Gulls have been seen as far south as the Salton Sea in California, this is extremely rare.

Contrast that with the Red-billed tropicbird (pictured above) that was found in New Jersey, normally found in tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Or the Jaegers (picture below), birds normally found well out at sea, though ranging widely there, that were sighted along the Hudson River.

Pretty amazing.

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