UN Will Airlift Nine Orphaned Gorillas Into Congo Nature Reserve

baby gorilla photo

photo: Chrissy Olson via flickr.

In an effort to help replenish the population of gorillas in a reserve in the east part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, UN peacekeepers from the MONUC mission will airlift nine orphaned gorillas into the region. The UN action follows a request from the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.Three of the young gorillas are from Goma, in Congo, with the remaining six will be coming from an area near Rwanda's Tanya Nature Reserve.

It may seem excessive to airlift nine healthy gorillas, but scientists determined that ground transportation would be too traumatic for the animals. Vets will accompany them for the journey.

Alan Doss, head of MONUC, explained the motive for the UN action:

Caring for the Earth we all share is not just the job of governments. It requires us to reach across boundaries and do things we would not normally do.

Transferring these animals will help replenish the population and will contribute to restoring an ecosystem that has suffered, just as the human population has suffered from war and violence.

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