Triumph Elm Tree Arrives in Chicago's Downtown for Arbor Day

triumph elm tree photo

Photos via Morton Arboretum

The Triumph Elm is being set up on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago in honor of Arbor Day this Friday (and you thought the fun ended with Earth Day!). The tree is part of a project by the Morton Arboretum to enlighten people on the benefits of trees and the important roles they play in our social, physical and environmental health. There's a particular recent historical event that sparked choosing the planting location for the tree on April 25th. Can you guess it?

The 25,000 pound tree glistens with 2,500 ribbons, each carrying a hand-written message from Chicago school children on how trees make a difference to them. The tree and ribbon project is part of the Arboretum's celebration of Arbor Day (April 24 this year) - the holiday to honor trees and encourage tree planting. The tree will remain on Michigan just north of the river through April 24. Then on April 25, the tree is planted in Grant Park to commemorate the site where President Obama addressed the nation upon his historic election night triumph.

triumph elm tree lights photo

This particular type of tree was chosen for a great reason:

Triumph is one of five Arboretum-bred elms that are highly disease and pest resistant, and drought tolerant. The tree is a hybrid of Vanguard elm and Accolade elm. Dutch elm disease has been killing elms in this country since the 1930s when the disease arrived. The elm bark beetle is a chief culprit. The beetle feeds on twigs leaving spores of the disease which then germinate and produce the tree-killing fungus. Each year, Chicago suburbs lose approximately two percent of their susceptible elms to the disease.

The Morton Arboretum's week-long celebration of trees runs through April 26th. If you're in the area, stop by and check out the Triumph Elm.

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