Trees for Cities


Woody Allen once said "that of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps most remarkable." The good folks at Trees for Cities obviously agree, they're planting groves of urban trees in cities as diverse as Madrid, Manchester and Addis Ababa, Ethiopa.If you've ever shuddered as you stride through your city's concrete canyons you'll understand where this London-based charity are coming from: their aim is "to stimulate a greening renaissance in cities around the world." And while it may take time for Sherwood Forest to re-engulf Nottingham, anything that greens our cities is good with us.

The project's international focus is particularly encouraging. In Addis Ababa Trees for Cities have planted a banana, lemon and avocado orchard on wasteland in the Bambis distict. Youngsters living rough were employed to tend the orchard, and now sell its fruits to fund their schooling. Sponsor a tree for £15 per year.

[By Simon Crerar]