TreeHugger Review: SunLawn LMM-40 Push Reel Mower

The first thing you need to do is adjust the height of the blades. It's very simple and takes just a minute. You just untight those big orange screws...

Then you adjust the height using these rulers on top. You tight back the orange screws and voilĂ !

Actual Review: How Well Does it Cut Grass?

My first impression was that it's a bit harder to push than my parents' garage sale American reel mower, but the blades seem to spin much faster. Probably a different gear ratio.

It cuts long grass pretty easily, though it got stuck once in a while whee there was too much cut grass stuck in the mechanism on the sides. It only happened with very long grass, and not a very big deal.

In long grass, it was a decent work out but not too hard to push. In the shorter grass that I've tried, it was smooth as butter.

It is also much quieter than my parents' American reel mower (pictured above), which is still much quieter than a gas mower.

It's pretty light weight, though I suppose smaller models are lighter.

I strongly encourage everybody that doesn't want to get rid of their grass lawn (yet) to consider a reel mower instead of the traditional gas-powered lawnmower. Maybe it won't work for you, but if you don't have a gigantic lawn, at least consider it. Borrow one and try it out.

Via SunLawn
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