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I came out of the closet as a reel mower addict a few months ago; I still believe that replacing grass with native low-lying species of plants and food crops is the best solution, but for those who still have grass lawns (and that's a lot of people), reel mowers make sense in the majority of cases.

SunLawn LMM-40 Reel Mower Review
Today I review a model of reel mower by SunLawn. Read on for photos, technical specifications, and my impressions.SunLawn Push Reel Mower photo
This is the box that you get. According to SunLawn, the specs are:

  • Weight: LMM-40 19.3 pounds (8.8kg) LMM-35 17.7 pounds (8.1kg)
  • Precision 5 blade contact-free cutting system - flame hardened,bearing mounted blades
  • Cutting swath: LMM-40 40cm (16 inches) LMM-35 35cm (14 inches)
  • Cutting height .4 – 2.2 inches (10 – 55mm), easily adjustable
  • Suitable for all North American grasses
  • Expected blade life without sharpening 8 – 10 years
  • Rigid full-width handle with foam grip
  • Nine inch wheel diameter
  • Segmented rear roller
  • Optional grass catcher available

I don't have the grass catcher. I prefer to let grass clippings go back to the soil.

The lawn I'll be working on today is my parents', since I don't have one myself. I often use their reel mower when I'm at their place...

SunLawn Push Reel Mower photo

Obviously you have to do some assembling. Nothing terribly complicated. Basically just the handle, which comes in three parts that you have to screw together.

SunLawn Push Reel Mower photo

The instruction manual has hard to understand pictures, but it's so simple that you can figure it out just by reading the text.

SunLawn Push Reel Mower photo

Here is what it looks like after you assemble it.

SunLawn Push Reel Mower photo

Rest of the reel mower review on page 2!

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