Treehugger Asks 'Why Go Green' At the 2009 Wanderlust Festival

At the first annual Wanderlust Festival this year in Tahoe, festival goers were there for the music and the meditation. So in the midst of this mix, we had to ask What are you doing to go green and why are you choosing this crazy, healthy lifestyle? The responses are entertaining and enlightening. First up, Amy Galper, owner of Buddha Nose Ltd, offers a few words of enlightened green wisdom.

Muralist Alisha Wessler was asked to help paint a 60' GeoDome at the festival. I took this time to snag her and ask her thoughts on a few tips for going green.

Guy Eriksen on why he thinks it's important to go green, but mostly why it's important to practice yoga.

Malia Guyer-Stevens wasn't shy about saying what green means to her and why she chose to spend a week in the mountains practicing yoga and rocking out.

While defying death in the downward cable-car ride, I asked Aaron Petz his thoughts on what it means to be green and lead a healthier lifestyle. His answer is both honest and well, honest.

Synergy Organic Clothing employee Heather Black-Steed gives green tips for the happy, healthy consumer. Where to shop, how to avoid over-packaging and supporting local farmers are all among her favorite tips. :Wanderlust Festival
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