Tree Planters in Europe Adopt Guerrilla Tactics


Forests are usually defenseless against the forces of development. However, Friends of the Earth - Europe has decided to help the forests fight back. With the help of advertising firm PH/LAW in the Netherlands, a website has been set up with a do it yourself manual for guerrilla tree planting (including instructions for documenting the subversive act) and several videos of guerrilla tree planters in action. The idea is to highlight the absurdity that planting trees (in unauthorized places) is illegal, while European trade in illegal timber continues unpunished. The site also asks visitors to sign a petition against illegal destruction of the world's forests, and provides information, in English and Dutch, about deforestation and a host of other issues on the European greens' agenda.

According to Friends of the Earth - Netherlands, half of Europe's timber imports are illegally logged.


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