Travel to Bolivia and Help Indigenous Communities


Looking for a holiday destination with some meaning? Well, Bolivian Government has presented a National Tourism Plan oriented to create jobs and generate revenues to eradicate the poverty in the country's indigenous communities -currently 70% of Bolivia's population-. Under the slogan 'Authenticity Still Exists", the program aims to invest 200 million dollars in five years to promote indigenous community tourism. The economic and social benefits from the activity will be distributed among the various rural and indigenous communities throughout the country, "that will also receive expert assistance so that they can become one of Bolivia's main tourist attractions", said the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Ricardo Cox. The Plan will promote sustainable tourism preserving the natural, historical and cultural resources of the country's different regions: 17 eco-areas in which 36 peoples of distinct ethnic origin coexist. The campaign created by the Government identifies 12 destinations that combine both natural appeal and culture, located throughout the Andean, Amazonian and Pampa regions and the valleys. The attractions include Jesuit missions, salt marshes, colored lagoons, Lake Titicaca, Oruro, Potosi-Sucre and the Che Route. With this plan, Bolivia aims to double the number of visitors over a period of five years. Learn more on Bolivia at the plan's website. ::Turismo Bolivia

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