Tigers Given a Bit More Breathing Room in Nepal - Bardia National Park Expanded


photo: Claudio Gennari via flickr.

China may be doing little to stop the illegal tiger trade, but Nepal has just taken some action to protect its tigers: WWF reports that the Bardia National Park has just been expanded by some 900 square kilometers (350 sq.mi.) in order to protect an estimated population of just 121 breeding individuals: Additionally, Nepal's prime minister, Madhav Kumar, stated that a National Tiger Conservation Authority would be established. Prime Minister Kumar said the future of conservation depends upon, "how we act now and how we make tiger conservation and overall biodiversity much more valuable to the livelihoods of local communities."

The announcement was made during the Kathmandu Global Tiger Workshop that brings together representatives from 12 other tiger-range countries.

WWF Nepal's Anil Manandhar responded enthusiastically,

This is indeed a great conservation initiative, which will certainly help in curbing illegal wildlife trade and poaching in Nepal. We are confident that by embracing innovative conservation strategies Nepal will succeed in doubling its number of endangered tigers.

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