Threatened Birds Face Off in Song Remix Competition

birdsong competition photo
Photo: New Zealand Department of Conservation

Sure, the work of conservationists is to lend a voice to endangered species, but sometimes the best way to raise awareness is to let them sing for themselves. In honor of New Zealand's Music Month, and as way to drum up interest in the nation's threatened wildlife, the Department of Conservation recently hosted a competition to see who can create the best remix of native birdsongs. The resulting entries are so impressive, in fact, that these birds may not be simply deserving of our protection -- but perhaps a record deal as well.After some heated competition between over a dozen musical submissions, visitor to the Department of Conservation (DOC) web site have selected the winning remix: a tune entitled 'Bird Call' by artist Shayne Burrows, featuring the vocal styling of several native bird species. To build the track, Burrows combined his own music with a selection of recorded samples of songs and calls available from the DOC.

Click here to give it a listen.

And the runner-ups:

Since the arrival of human settlers to New Zealand, many of the islands' native bird species have been brought to the brink of extinction from hunters and other invasive predators. For decades, the DOC has been working tirelessly to stabilize and grow bird populations, requiring active involvement from local communities.

Keeping threatened and endangered species on the forefront of people's minds, however, is no easy task -- but there may be no better way of doing it than to get their songs stuck in people's heads

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