Threadless Sells T-shirt to Fund BP Gulf Oil Spill Recovery

Threadless PeliCAN tshirt Gulf Oil Spill photo

All proceeds from sales of the PeliCAN T-shirt will go to the Gulf Restoration Network. Images via
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Online T-shirt seller Threadless is at it again. Known for pitching in for a good cause, the company is donating all proceeds from the sale of an oil spill-inspired T-shirt to the Gulf Restoration Network, an environmental organization that is actively working to provide independent monitoring of the BP Gulf oil spill.The PeliCAN shirt features an oil-soaked pelican taking flight, oil dripping in ribbons from its wings and pooling at its feet. The solid black design on a simple white shirt is both beautiful and chilling. And at $10, it's a pretty great deal.

A Group Effort
The design is a collaboration between Frederik Wepener, a Threadless member, and Ross Zietz, who works for Threadless. Both designers donated their designer payments to the fund.

Zietz grew up in Baton Rouge, so the oil spill hits close to home:

I spent many many days on or near the Gulf coast. It is very near and dear to my heart. Hearing the sadness in the voices from all my friends and family back home plus seeing all the depressing but very real images on the news and web, I just really wanted to do something about this nasty disaster.

The costs for producing the design have been kept low thanks to Sharprint, a local company that donated printing of the design. Sharprint used only water-based inks for the shirt.

What Does the Gulf Restoration Network Do?
The Gulf Restoration Network is a non-profit organization "committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region for future generations."

They work throughout the Gulf region, and they have been providing independent monitoring of the oil spill since its early days. Moreover, they've been pushing to hold BP accountable, as well as for transparency.

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Threadless Sells T-shirt to Fund BP Gulf Oil Spill Recovery
Online T-shirt seller Threadless is at it again.

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