Thought Jaws was Scary? 10 More Fish to Inspire Nightmares (Slideshow)

fangtooth teeth

Eating fish can be healthy, doctors say. A little fish oil is good for the brain. What isn't good for fish, however, is overfishing, pollution, and disassociation, like landlubbers who don't concern themselves with the quality of life in our lakes and oceans. So here's a look at some of the 10 scariest fish on the planet, with big teeth, ugly mugs, and extra creepiness. Some of these fish are endangered. We need to remember that the less cuddly the creature, the more the need for awareness and diligence to make sure they and their habitat are protected. Let the uncomfortable awareness begin.

Thought Jaws was scary 10 More Fish to Inspire Nightmares (Slideshow)

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