This Sneaky Pink Iguana Evaded Charles Darwin's Attention

pink iguana rosada photo

Looking at it, you'd think it would be hard to miss. But this rare pink iguana, referred to as "rosada," evaded Charles Darwin and many other biologists and explorers when they visited the Galapagos island. Read on for more.

pink iguana galapagos photo

From Discovery News:

It was discovered at Volcan Wolf, Isabela Island's northernmost volcano, which Darwin missed during his five-week stay at the archipelago in 1835.

Galapagos National Park rangers first stumbled upon the striking land lizard a few decades ago, but this week's study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is the first to officially document the iguana.

Based on blood samples and DNA analysis, it is believed that about 10.5 million years ago a common ancestor to both marine and land iguanas from Central or South America colonized the Galapagos Islands, and that the "rosada" originated about 5 million years ago.

Fast air travel and telecommunications might make us believe that the Earth got smaller, but it's still pretty big and full of marvels to discover.

Via Discovery News
Photos: Gabriele Gentile
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