These ladybugs head to the hills looking for love (video)

© KQED Science

Somewhere there's a tiny Cupid shooting arrows at the beetle set.

Have you ever come across a massive sea of ladybugs and wondered, what's going on? We generally see ladybugs flitting about here and there, but sometimes we stumble upon hordes of them ... which is as beautiful as it is curious. (Unless, of course, you suffer from coccinellidaephobia – the fear of ladybugs. Then all bets are off.)

In the latest episode of Deep Look – the video series created by KQED San Francisco and presented by PBS Digital Studios that goes small on nature's big mysteries – the crew takes the cameras to the woods to investigate the ladybug shindigs. Spoiler alert: the ladybugs are looking to do that which was made so famous by the birds and the bees. As noted in the video's introduction, "every winter they take to the wind, soaring over cities and fields to assemble for a ladybug bash. In these huge gatherings, they'll do more than hibernate – it's their best chance to find a mate."

Cue the Barry White!

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