The Year 2009 in 60 Seconds

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Image: Eirikso

Here is your zen moment for the day. Pour yourself a cup of tea, relax, sit back and enjoy a year of seasons captured by Eirik Solheim and edited into a time lapse video which captures the pure beauty of nature's changes over the course of 2009. Eirik's 2008 video met with great success, with close to two million views on YouTube. For 2009, he has introduced a new twist.This year, he bought a new Canon 5D Mark II, which can capture video. The time-lapsed video segments provide a ghostly sense of the passage of time. In the 120 second short film, joggers and amblers appear and fade as if out of other dimensions. If you can afford to put your cares aside for a full two minutes, check out the 120 seconds of 2009 at the bottom of the post.

If all your busy schedule can afford is a single minute, the traditional time-lapse sequence over 60 seconds is below. It creates an entirely different impression, in which the passage of time is more apparent. No reassuring timeless infinity of multiple dimensions assuages the sense that our journey on this planet is brief.

Most important, if you are too busy to take the time to watch either of these short clips, it is essential that you watch them both. You need it the most. Take yet another minute afterwards to consider how you can really make a difference in the short span of seasons granted to you.

If you cannot get enough of Eirik's art, find the 90-second time-lapse at

The Year in 60 Seconds

Video: YouTube, Eirikso
The Year in 120 Seconds

Video: YouTube, Eirikso
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