The Week in Animal News: Earthquake-Predicting Zoo Animals, GPS-Tracked Trout, and More (Slideshow)

zoo animals earthquake intro photo

Photo: shannonkringen/Creative Commons

It had been over a century since an earthquake last rattled the East Coast, so it's no surprise that the millions of people who felt the shaking yesterday were caught off guard -- but it turns out, as a species, humans may have been the only ones. According to staffers from the National Zoo in Washington D.C., in the minutes leading up to the seismic rumblings dozens of animals began acting strangely, clearly agitated, as if they could sense the quake before it struck.

Find out more about the animals' unusual reactions -- along with new behavioral discoveries from elephants and dolphins, and increasing threats to mangroves and bears -- in this Week in Animal News slideshow.

week in animal news earthquake predicting zoo animals
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