The Un-Road Trip Begins! Exploring the US in Anything But a Car

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A Great Green American Adventure
Boaz Frankel, the man behind the Un-Road Trip, says: "In April of 2009, I'm setting out on an Un-Road Trip. For ten weeks, I'm going to explore the United States and zig-zag through as many states as I can using every mode of transportation- except for car. I'll document the entire journey online through twitter, photos, and short documentary videos as I travel by foot, bike, train, dog-powered tricycle, moped, horseback, amphibious canoe, and whatever else I can think of. I'll certainly achieve a greener trip by avoiding the favored mode of transportation, and hopefully discover some interesting alternative modes of transportation."There's a great - and funny - trailer for the adventure (with Matt Lauer narrating). Check it out:

Un-Road Trip: The Trailer (with Matt Lauer) from Boaz Frankel on Vimeo.

Calling the TreeHugger Community!
I know that many people reading this have great green transportation methods in their garage or backyards, or just great ideas and suggestions. Boaz is looking for help, so if you have something to suggest or want to share a ride with him, please contact him.

To follow the Un-Road Trip, check out the Un-Road Trip website and Blog.

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