The Surprising Life of Banana Slugs (Video)

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Like the redwoods? Then thank a banana slug.

I used to think that the University of California, Santa Cruz in California was so weird for choosing the Banana Slug as its mascot. What college student wants to cheer their team on by rooting for big yellow blobs? But after watching this short video on the banana slug, I have a whole new adoration for, and fascination of these odd creatures. Turns out, they're actually surprisingly amazing, and important for keeping redwood forests healthy.
QUEST on KQED Public Media.

In the producers notes, KQED Quest writes that while we mostly are interested in the biggest, fastest, fiercest, and so on, it's really the little things that ultimately support these larger creatures -- little things like banana slugs.

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The Surprising Life of Banana Slugs (Video)
Like the redwoods? Then thank a banana slug.

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