The Sound of Bells from Everest

You’d imagine that mountaineers that would have a very healthy respect for the environment in which they play, especially if the mountain was Everest. Unfortunately it has only been in last few years that environmental responsibility has become more common among expeditions. And wood turner, Jeff Clapp, of Maine, has being doing his bit to contribute. Last year he bought 132 discarded oxygen cylinders from the Nepal Mountaineering Association. After a weeks work on his lathe, he can fashion an unique bell from one of these aluminium cyclinders. Currently the bells retail for about $2,400, but in a Cincinnati Post article Jeff was wondering “should I find a corporation to send me back to Nepal to teach the Sherpas to make the bells themselves, to create a small economy for them?" For now though, the 18 inch (46cm) tall bells can purchased through speciality stores, such as ::Eco-Artware