The Problem of Exotic Pets Sized Up in New Documentary (Video)

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We address the issue of exotic pets fairly often, and we have to because it's a shockingly pervasive problem. From escaped pythons that reshape ecosystems to endangered tigers that are treated like novelties, the exotic pet trade has serious consequences for the individual animals and just as often the species as a whole. But exactly how far does the trade reach, and how bad can the consequences be, really? A documentary that looks closely at the case of a man and his lion, kept in his backyard, addresses these questions. A new documentary, The Elephant in the Living Room, opens in April, and takes a look at the clash between animal control and an animal owner that loves his lion like a housecat. As police officer and animal advocate Tim Harrison, and owner of the fully-grown male African lion Terry Brumfield face off, viewers get a taste of what problems the exotic animal trade create.

The film looks intense, which is exactly the feeling surrounding the exotic animal trade. The film hits theaters starting April 1st.
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