The Pot of Fire: Summer Grill Extraordinaire

Form of... flame! Shape of... a grill! We have pointed out in the past that conventional grilling isn't exactly the healthiest thing to do, but since most of us are going to do it anyway this summer, we might as well do it in style. If you want to escape the monotony of Weber grills, check out John T. Unger's "Pot de Feu (Pot of Fire)." Made out of recycled propane tanks, John crafts each Pot de Feu uniquely, cutting the scrap metal into the shape of flames to hold your fire. At only 6.5 pounds and 12 inches around, the grill is super-portable and ready for summer grilling on-the-go with charcoal or alcohol flame. So, to review: Sturdy? Check. Portable? Check. Bitchin' Flames? Check. What's not to love? :: Pot de Feu