The Next Polar Bear: Pacific Walrus

Pacific Walrus

John Lennon wouldn't be happy about this one. The Center for Biological Diversity has filed a scientific petition with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to request that the Pacific Walrus be added to the list of protected species in the Endangered Species Act. "The Arctic is in crisis from global warming. Arctic sea ice is disappearing at a stunning rate that vastly exceeds the predictions of the best climate models," said Shaye Wolf, a biologist with the Center for Biological Diversity and lead author of the petition." The Pacific walrus is an early victim of our failure to address global warming. As the sea ice recedes, so does the future of the Pacific walrus."And as if that was not enough, at the same time as the ice is disappearing, the species' most important foraging grounds are being auctioned off to oil companies to extract more fossil fuels that will further accelerate global warming and the melting of the Arctic.

The Pacific walrus joins a growing list of species for which the Center for Biological Diversity has sought Endangered Species Act protection due to global warming. The Center filed petitions for the Kittlitz's murrelet in 2001, the staghorn and elkhorn corals in the Caribbean in 2004, the polar bear in 2005, 12 of the world's penguin species in 2006, and the American pika and the ribbon seal in 2007.

Not that we needed a new reason to act... Lets do it. We need clean, renewable energy pronto. :: Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for the Pacific Walrus

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