The Last Man is Back to a World First

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Image: Wild Wonders of Europe

If you took our suggestion to follow Wild Wonders of Europe on Facebook, then you have already heard the news. The last of 67 top professionals has returned from the field after the final mission of the most ambitious nature photography project ever undertaken.

Wild Wonders of Europe now has a collection of over 150,000 photos documenting the wildlife of all 48 European countries -- a world first! No one has ever yet undertaken to so thoroughly cover all the corners of an entire continent.

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Florian Moellers, Wild Wonders of Europe Communications Director, sums up the accomplishment:

Braving soaring heat, deep seas and extreme cold, our Dream Team of photographers have created a breathtaking document of our shared natural heritage. Physical proof of an amazing comeback story and showing a side of Europe previously not well known - with really wild landscapes and charismatic species. It is truly a unique achievement.

From the rare to the comical, Wild Wonders of Europe shows a side of the continent overlooked by many tourists focused on Paris, Rome or Berlin. The photo collection will now be worked into a spectacular book and will go on tour with a photo Exhibition.

TreeHugger is proud to be able to share this wonderful bounty with you, our readers. Look for a new slideshow every month featuring a collection of stunning images from this precedent setting image bank as well as insights from the masters on the art and techniques of nature photography. If you enjoyed Predators of Europe and Creepy Crawlies, look for more on the third Tuesday of every month.

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