The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Old Settlers Elementary in Flower Mound, TX!

While the grammatically inclined may be wondering where the apostrophe went in the name of the Go Green Initiative's school of the week way back when it was founded, but the simple truth is that they're doing amazing things to help educate kids about the environment while making an impact on our world today at the same time. And with fall upon us, they've got a program running that's right on target for the season.Turns out they're busy tending to their extensive butterfly garden just in time to catch the monarchs heading through on their way to Mexico. And as Bonnie Carner, the PTA's former environmental chairperson points out, "The only thing they feed on is milkweed, so we always have milkweed growing."

And while the garden was established several years ago, the simple truth is that it hadn't been maintained quite as well as some would have hoped until the PTA stepped in recently and decided to take on the challenge of seeing to it that this garden of eatin' was one that monarchs just couldn't pass by.

Now it's so successful that it's been certified by both Monarch Watch and the National Wildlife Federation, and with the beauty of the monarch migration passing overhead nearly 300 of the 750 students got down to business and planted 120 spring-blooming bulbs, 120 pansies and 420 spring vegetable plants which they were able to harvest before school ended in June.

And they're making a difference in ways they never expected as well. As their crayon recycling program turned up over 1,000 crayons in "like new" condition, prompting teachers to find ways to redistribute the crayons among schools in district who needed them rather than see them head on off to the recycler.

So who knows what these folks in Texas will come up with next, but we just want to say how proud we are of their efforts to educate kids and make a difference.

Congrats from all of your friends at TreeHugger!

Via: The Go Green Initiative

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