The Destructive Power Of Pacific Ocean Tsunamis

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Yale e360 has an incredible interview with geophysicist Lori Dengler of Humboldt State University in California, in which she discusses the history of Japanese tsunamis. It's an extensive history, and we learn that the prehistoric record shows that there were even more powerful tsunamis than the one we just witnessed in both Japan and along the west coast of the US. We also learn were we stand in the US on disaster preparedness:

"The National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council just finished a two-year study of the U.S. tsunami program that looked very, very carefully at all aspects of U.S. tsunami preparedness. It has certainly improved significantly from where it was a decade ago, but there are a number of areas that we need to continue to work on."

The interview is fascinating and if you have an extra 10 minutes of reading time today, it's well spent learning from Lori Dengler.

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