The Cutest Anti-Whaling Video You'll Ever See (Video)

Bryant Austin is an unusual artist. He swims within inches of massive whales, photographing them to create high-resolution, life-sized images of the gentle giants in order to connect we humans more intimately with them and, hopefully, get us to stop killing them. While effective to an extent, it takes more than huge photos of whales to get the world to end whaling. It also is helpful with a presidential candidate keeps a promise after getting in to office. That's what this message is encouraging - we humans, nudging along President Obama to make good on his word and help strengthen the International Whaling Commission's ban on whaling. Check out the video, and click through for links to get you to the petitions and information you need to help. Marine Mammal Conservation Through the Arts has a link to a petition at the Natural Resources Defense Council that can help put an end to commercial whaling.

Check out a slideshow of Bryant Austin's images, and see how compelling being right next to one of these incredible animals can be.

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