The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary Needs Your Help

Photo: Catty Shack
Support Big Cats
As they described themselves, "the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that provides a safe and permanent home to many of the great cat species that are endangered and have been rescued or confiscated for illegal ownership, improper enclosures or maltreatment." They are located North of Jacksonville in Floriday, and they want to expand their operations with (hopefully) money from the Good Idea Pepsi challenge (if you don't like Pepsico, one more reason to vote; give their money to a worthy cause). If you want to support the sanctuary, you can vote for their submission by following the link below (also check out the video plea right under this).
How Would the Prize be Used?

  • Build new "cribs" for our big cats residents

  • Double our current capacity to rescue additonal endangered big cats and prevent them from being euthanized

  • Expand our current educational program to increase public awareness about these endangered animals 

  • Inspire both children and adults to participate in fundraising events to help enrich the daily lives of these residents

  • Continue to provide weekly pubilc open houses to allow the pubilc to view these animals up close in a safe, more natural environment 

"We will build 5 tiger habitats around a large pond to let them out to swim as Tigers love the water. The pubic will be able to watch and learn about these animals. The additional habitats will allow a greater roaming area for the animals and to allow the public to safely photograph them. Expanding our educational program will increase awareness about these animals as extinction is forever."

You can see more photos of the Catty Shack here.

Let Your Conscience Guide You
Of course, we encourage that you also check out the other projects that are asking for funds. Many of them are worthy of support, and so you should go with your conscience. I'm not saying that the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is better than all the other projects, I'm just trying to attract some attention to it because it probably isn't getting as much coverage as some other high-profile submissions.

Via Catty Shack (Thanks for the tip, Jaymi)

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