The Business of the Planet is Supporting Life & Humans Are Impairing That Business

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SmartPlanet is running an interview recap with Rob Watson, the so-called father of the LEED building rating system, which is worth checking out. Not so much for his recounting of how humans are "blissfully unaware" about the damage that climate change will cause (even though that's generally true and what the Smart Planet headline emphasizes) but for Watson's turn of phrase is describing how we're screwing up the business of Earth.Watson uses the well worn comparison to being on the Titanic heading for the iceberg and not wanting to getting into the lifeboat until the last possible moment (which is the blissfully aware of how bad things are part), then says,

"The business of the planet is supporting life," he said. "What are we, as a subsidiary of Planet Co., doing to sustain life? We are impairing every other business unit to do its job. As a business owner, what do you do to underperforming assets? Get rid of 'em."

"If we don't stop fooling ourselves, we're in for a real butt-kicking."

Part of the problem is that the green movement sees itself as "saving the planet," Watson said. But it's not the planet that needs saving -- it's us.

OK, so that part about saving the planet versus saving humanity is too a bit cliché at this point. At least to me it is. But the part about the business of the planet being to support life and human activity is now impeding that business is pretty good. It certainly appeals to a certain type of mindset and isn't inaccurate.

As for the rest of Watson's interview, he pretty much covers all the usual talking points: SmartPlanet
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