The Best Job in the World: Ben Southall Wins Spot as Island Caretaker

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Ben Southall, from Britain, Wins The Best Job in the World Competition
Adventurous, crazy, energetic. Practically a fish. Bachelor of science degree. Keen interest in photography. Experience blogging his tours through Africa. Loves animals. Loved by animals.

Which of these points from Ben Southall's 60 second video application landed him the sweetest job -- earning six figures to live in a 3-bedroom villa with a private pool and glorious view on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef? Or maybe it was just the pic of Ben riding an ostrich. See Ben's video below to judge for yourself. And learn about the Best Job Interview in the World. Sweet.
Ben Southall's Application for the Best Job in the World
With a strong video application, Ben won the right to join 15 other finalists on a trip to visit Hamilton Island. There the applicants underwent a grueling interview process which required then to snorkel through crystal clear waters, gorge at buffets prepared by world class chefs and endure a beauty massage with exfoliation. Tough interviews for a tough job.

Other Finalists for Best Island Caretaker Job
The finalist come from many walks of life and walk many distant shores. Anjaan, a DJ from India, almost matches Ben in energy, and proves you don't need crystal clear water for swimming. Mirjam, a Croatian-German, wins my vote for most humorous video, featuring the actress performing island caretaker duties in icy Bavaria. George, from Ireland, lands the clever prize by incorporating the names of various islands in the barrier reef chain into his narration. James, of Australia via London, tried the laid-back, sultry approach. Greg, an expat teaching in Singapore, wins the Scuba Sam look-alike award. Clare, from Taiwan, offers to reach over a billion Chinese speakers in addition to the English-speaking audience. It must have been a hard choice for the people of Queensland tourism. (All our faves are embedded below, for your convenience in second-guessing.)

So what's next? Starting on the 1st of July, Ben will be blogging from Hamilton Island. We hope to see the Great Barrier Reef presented with sensitivity to it's ecological value. And we wish Ben great success in his new job. When the time comes, you can follow Ben's blog when the time comes, or sign up now for updates, at The Best Job in the World website.

Our Favorites from the Favorites for Best Job in the World

Video: Anjaan, applying for the Best Job in the World

Video: Mirjam, applying for the Best Job in the World

Video: George, applying for the Best Job in the World

Video: James, applying for the Best Job in the World

Video: Greg, applying for the Best Job in the World

Video: Clare, applying for the Best Job in the World
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