The Action Sports Environmental Coalition


Gotta admit that after helping a friend run a festival of biking, which included hoody and deep crotched baggy jean attired BMX riders, who seem to take delight in littering, I wasn't expecting an eco-conversion from this sector of society. Seems I was hasty in my judgement. Damn, don't you just hate being pulled up on a generalisation. The Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) have set out to address such impressions. I quote: "ASEC utilizes its collective assets to broaden the horizons of conscious consumption--paving the way for skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, BMX bikers, and those passionately involved in the sports to achieve lasting sustainable benefits for individuals and community institutions. Like these sports, ecological sustainability is not just a trend--it is your chance to get involved and take action in a movement, and to leave behind those companies that only take from you, unconcerned about your needs, your body, your mind, and the fact that you do have a choice. This is your chance to lead, follow or be left behind." Suffice to say the flash heavy website is choc full of stuff, vids, interviews, student articles, eco-tips, oh, and of course rad sk8boarding footage. We wish ASEC every success in bringing the green message to their industry. May others be as bold. ::Action Sports Environmental Coalition, via tipster, Lars.