Thailand Seed Clouds to Alleviate Drought


Scientists are meeting in Bangkok this week to discuss global warming and possible methods to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Thailand has every reason to be proactive about cutting emissions; it's the world's largest exporter of rice and natural rubber. A country whose economy is that reliant on agriculture needs to ensure that the climate doesn't continue to change. The tsunami disaster also highlighted how dangerous further climate change could be for the country, and this makes Thailand as aware of green issues as any other. The country already has a Bureau of Royal Rainmaking, which is tasked with seeding clouds in order to alleviate the droughts that affect the country. Every day planes seed clouds with salt, attempting to unlock the moisture held within. "It may not be heavy rain, but it helps," says farmer, Pikul Sinsert, "If we waited for the seasonal rains to come in late May, all our pineapples would die. But five or ten minutes of artificial rain helps them survive." "This year we started making artificial rain in February, preparing ourselves for an El Nino-related drought that has already hit our neighbours," said Royal Rainmaking Bureau chief Wattana Sukarnjanaset. :: ENN

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