Texas Drought Is So Bad The Wildfire Season May Not End At All This Year

texas wildfire photoJoe Wolf/CC BY-ND 2.0

Normally the Texas wildfire season has an official yearly end date declared. Not so this year, says the Texas Forest Service -- in fact they don't know when this year's wildfire season will end.

Huffington Post quotes the Forest Service's Tom Spencer:

This year is a little hard to call [for an ending point] because we're still picking up some fire calls daily. ... If there's a silver lining, it's that because of the drought, we didn't grow a lot of new grass. But the drought is a concern...as long as we have drought, the fire potential is going to be elevated.

For those people arriving late to this one: Texas has been undergoing record-breaking drought conditions for the past year. Though conditions have improved a bit now, as recently as a month ago 99% of the state was experiencing extreme drought. National Weather Service forecasts predict the drought conditions extending into 2012 -- at one point the NWS said there was no end in sight.

In 2011 so far, 4 million acres have been charred by wildfire in Texas, with 10 people dead and 2,900 homes burnt.

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