Texas Drought Is So Bad The Wildfire Season May Not End At All This Year

Normally the Texas wildfire season has an official yearly end date declared. Not so this year, says the Texas Forest Service -- in fact they don't know when this year's wildfire season will end.

Huffington Post quotes the Forest Service's Tom Spencer:

This year is a little hard to call [for an ending point] because we're still picking up some fire calls daily. ... If there's a silver lining, it's that because of the drought, we didn't grow a lot of new grass. But the drought is a concern...as long as we have drought, the fire potential is going to be elevated.

For those people arriving late to this one: Texas has been undergoing record-breaking drought conditions for the past year. Though conditions have improved a bit now, as recently as a month ago 99% of the state was experiencing extreme drought. National Weather Service forecasts predict the drought conditions extending into 2012 -- at one point the NWS said there was no end in sight.

In 2011 so far, 4 million acres have been charred by wildfire in Texas, with 10 people dead and 2,900 homes burnt.

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