Tens of Thousands of Walruses Forced Ashore, Form Giant Writhing Mass (Video)

A couple days ago, I ran a video post explaining how climate change was killing walruses: the ice floes that the animals are used to resting on during hunting expeditions and while rearing their young are melting as ocean temps warm. Walrus calves that can't make the trip back to shore often end up drowning. A few days before that, Matt reported that tens of thousands of walruses had been forced ashore en masse in Alaska due to the melting ice. Now, National Geographic has some footage of what that looks like. In a word, crazy.Walruses are the latest 'canary in the global warming coal mine' -- species that clearly indicate that man-caused climate change is having a discernible impact on ecosystems and wildlife already. Walruses, like polar bears are especially notable due to their direct reliance on healthy concentrations of sea ice to survive. As climate change accelerates, the ice diminishes, leaving the species in peril.

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