Teko Socks

Alas, these socks won’t be available, in time to hang over your fireplace for Santa to stuff. But track ‘em down in early 2005. They live up to their double name, both ‘techo’ and ‘eco. Formed from four main fibres. Soft, merino wool; organic cotton; ecowash wool (it uses oxygen to treat the wool for shrink-resistance, instead of the usual nasty chlorine); and finally Ecopet (a recycled polyester, made from fizzy-drink bottles and the like). But the socks’ environmentally story is not simply skin deep, so to speak. Energy for manufacturing and operations will be offset by purchasing renewable windpower. Recycled paper packaging is completely recyclable itself. Certification is being sought for the internationally recognised Oekotex label, which dictates that apparel will be free of dyes that form carcinogens or allegies, as well as being free of pestcides.The Oekotex label also requires that products have low or zero formaldehyde. And additionally that they have a skin friendly pH. A worthy goal for a sock! The products will made in the USA reducing environmental transport costs to market (although the materials are mostly imported) and ensuring fair working conditions. And what about the techie side? Well, in a previous life, your faithful correspondent once designed outdoor sports socks (the client remarked "these are too much sock for the price"), so I can safely say that these are very technical toe bags. Check their website for more detail than you can handle! ::Teko [by WM]