TED Talk - Seizing Trafficked Animals Is Just the Beginning of the Problem for Brazil's Fauna

parrot behind fence photo

Photo via SadJr via Flickr CC

Trafficking animals is a roughly $2 billion industry, and it's a major problem for Brazil which sees tens of thousands of animals every year trafficked as pets. But even when the animals are found and seized, it's not the end of the problem. Often, that's just the beginning. What to do with all these animals - from placing them in care facilities to figuring out whether or not to euthanize or release them - is a significant issue. Biologist Juliana Machado Ferreira, a TED Senior Fellow, talks about her work to help helping to save birds and other animals stolen from the wild in Brazil.

Just yesterday we talked about how the internet has made animal trade easier, and stopping the animal trade in the first place is key, though practically impossible. It's great to see advocates for releasing wildlife back into the wild. Especially in the case of rare animals, more of the species in the wild means a stronger gene pool, and a stronger chance of survival.

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