TED Talk: Ocean Photographer Brian Skerry Reveals Amazing Images (Video)

ted talk stingray image

Image via TED video

TED's Mission Blue Voyage to the Galapagos put some of the best scientists and advocates of the oceans in one place to discuss what's happening to our seas - the good and the bad. But a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, so the TED Talk given by photographer Brian Skerry holds a particularly hefty weight. In fact, he even states that he wanted to make his photographic endeavors more like war photography, with harder-hitting pictures that tell the full story of the oceans - gorgeous, imperiled, emotional and stark. In this short talk, Skerry reveals how images can impact viewers in a way no amount of lecturing can match. Click through to see how Skerry shows both the "horror and magic of the ocean" as he shows some of the incredible photos he's taken both above and below the waves.

According to Skerry's bio on TED, "Typically spending eight months of the year in the field, he often face extreme conditions to capture his subjects. He has lived on the bottom of the sea, spent months aboard fishing boats and dived beneath the Arctic ice to get his shot. He has spent over 10,000 hours underwater."

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That's an amazing amount of dedication to both his work and the oceans. And the passion is apparent in the images he produces. After some of these story images, it doesn't seem possible for someone to look at the ocean, or what we're doing to it, in the same way again.

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