TED Talk: Follow the Mercury Trail From Sea Floor to Dinner Table

Stephen Palumbi photo

Photo via TED Mission Blue

We know the ocean is in a bad way -- polluted, acidifying, losing its most vital fish stocks and marine life...the list goes on. And we know these facts change how we're able to enjoy seafood and swim in its waters. But exactly how intricately linked is our health to that of the ocean? In an incredible TED talk from the Mission Blue Voyage, marine biologist Stephen Palumbi discusses how the toxins and pollutants at the bottom of the food chain end up on our dinner plates. Learn what you need to know about safe seafood by listening to the short talk after the jump.

As Palumbi reminds us, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and the ocean is certainly our mother in the many ways it sustains us. Over 1 billion humans rely on seafood as a primary food source and a whole lot more eat seafood on a regular basis. We're polluting our own dinners, and not doing much to fix it.

VIEW SLIDESHOW: A Visual Guide to Sustainable Seafood Options
TED's Mission Blue Voyage brought together some of the best minds in marine biology to figure out how we can -- and if we can -- save our seas. Here, Palumbi shows us that it is not only the right thing to do for the planet, but also the only way to ensure human survival as well. Without healthy oceans, we're kaput.

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