Taking Back the Streets, One City at a Time

We love ideas that make our cities more vibrant, more fun, more public- You can live in smaller, better spaces when the city is your living room. We read in the New York Times that in many cities, there are organized midnight bike rides- "the streets are empty, and the world is our oyster". In New York, the environmental group Time's up started the ride as an antidote to drinking and spending money in bars, and to promote contact with nature. Speaking of Central Park at night-"you probably woudn't go alone, but you are with all these people, and then you end up at this beautiful, serene place" (but sorry, we would go for a beer after!) in New York, LA, Boston and other cities; see list in ::New York TImes

While riding the subway the other day, we were so excited when Lori and Kevin of NewMindspace sat down right opposite us. They are busy hiding 5,000 easter eggs around Toronto's trendy Kensington Market for a monster easter egg hunt on Sunday. Each egg has a message inside- they gave us one that said "listen to the radio." We will treasure it always, a token from two kids who treat the city as a giant communal game board. We are always surprised that they haven't been arrested for having too much fun in a public place. Join them in the ::Easter Egg Hunt.