Take That, Apple! Mozilla Adopts Baby Firefoxes

photo firefox cubs mozilla red panda
Screenshot from Mozilla FirefoxLive

Marketing loves wildlife. Consider products like Apple's Safari browser, and the Snow Leopard operating system. There was a call last year for Apple to help save real-life snow leopards. Mozilla, makers of the Firefox browser, must have been listening, because they've adopted real-life firefoxes. There's such a thing? Yeh, and there's even a live stream.
Mozilla has adopted two baby firefoxes, also known as red pandas. They're so cute, they don't even look real. And the browser is doing much better than real firefox, which are listed as "vulnerable" on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources' "Red List." The population is estimated at less than 10,000 mature individuals with a continuing decline of more than 10% over the next 30 years, mostly due to habitat loss and poaching.

The two adopted firefoxes were born at Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee. Mozilla will be broadcasting the 24-hour live stream of the cubs for the next couple of months, notes The Download Squad. The browser maker also is holding a contest to name the cubs at its FirefoxLive site.

The site also offers ways to support red panda conservation at Knoxville Zoo and support wild pandas through the Red Panda Network.

This is a good start. Leave some ideas for other wildlife/environmental product names that could be turned toward conservation. Google Chrome doesn't give me any ideas off the top of my head. Apple?

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